Yikes, it is another colorful day at KCL-IDESIGN, LLC, and as I usually say, you can’t go wrong when applying the most fantastic decorative coating in the world. So, for all the amazing people who know me, it will only take about a half of a second to scream the answer, which is PAINT! Now, when I say use a color that will change the entire atmosphere and vibe in a room, I am not referring to a color that is close to what is already on the existing walls, which will display very little difference. I am talking about an immediate and drastic change. With that said, let me dive right in and show what I mean when I speak about using bright, bold, vibrant or what I refer to as a dramatic and dominant.

While working on a design project for a client, during the initial consultation, she made it clear that color did not intimidate her. Moreover, this was one of the main reasons for redesigning her home. I am always extremely honored when it comes to transforming spaces to have an entirely different look. Also, being beyond obsessed with such a unique decorative coating such as paint makes my job so much more rewarding! And not only that, OMG, I go insane when I know that I am going to be hanging out at my favorite paint stores, shuffling through newly stocked swatches, talking to vendors on the latest trends, and eagerly contemplating on what unique color palettes I will create.

Typically, when I am working with color, I will sometimes give the client at least three palettes to choose from, and again, this can depend on the client(s) and the overall design project. I have learned that having too many selections can become a bit confusing and not having enough to explore within the desired preference can potentially become a problem as well. With this client, who was not afraid of using anything extreme, was delighted with the final selection. So please, do not get it twisted, color is not for everyone, but OMG, it sure is beyond transcending!

Design Project: Corgi Drive Residence

Project Goal: Select a color that would ultimately change the look and feel of the client's existing dining room.

Project Outcome: The client is pleased with her newly designed dining room. The bold walls add character, as well as give way to an open and inviting atmosphere.

Interior Design Studio: KCL-IDESIGN, LLC

Principal Interior Designer: Kimberly C. Lyons

KCL-IDESIGN, LLC_Kimberly C Lyons_Corgi Drive Residence_1_Before Image.jpg

Before Image: Dining Room

KCL-IDESIGN, LLC_Kimberly C Lyons_Corgi Drive Residence_2_Before Image.jpg

Before Image: Dining Room

KCL-IDESIGN, LLC_Kimberly C. Lyons_Corgi Drive Residence_Clients Dining Room.jpg

After Image: Dining Room

Inspiration Nudge: If you have never had a desire to use a dominant paint color, give it a try because it will change the atmosphere and vibe within the entire space – Promise!

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