Currently, a lot is going on business-wise, but I am all smiles as usual. However, I have realized that it is time for me to start pouring my heart and soul out through my posts. I need to continually speak about my many blessings and exude extreme gratitude on how grateful I am and appreciative for the opportunities that are put in my path daily. Also, I love the meaning behind the word gratitude (the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness). With having a creative mindset, it is only fair that I share with the world my amazing gifts from the Greatest Designer Ever - God!

While 2018 was extremely busy, I decided to take a much-needed breather after Christmas so that I could bring 2019 in with a Bang! All work and no play that is not fun at all. Speaking of fun, I didn’t get a chance to travel as much in 2018 as I would have liked because besides running a design company, which requires non-stop work, I obtained another degree as well. In doing this, I had to limit my traveling, which hurt me deeply because it is one of my true passions. Never-ever again will I do such a thing. Life is way too short, and while I prefer not to dwell on the minor tweaks that I did make while on my much-needed breather because it will be a bit much, I prefer to give glimpses into the many areas of my life through future posts.

OMG, and please, let me warn you, I am a Bad Ass designer, but I am also a bubbly chick who is super crazy, as well as over-the-top, and who will have you laughing hysterically, and not wanting to leave my presence (original comedian).

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Moreover, one of the most significant projects of my career, which is The Reserve At Lake Keowee has kelp me busy. Recently, I was on site, and I must say that it is coming together beautifully. With this design project, I have learned to have more patience because a custom-built home is on an entirely different level. During this trip, I found that one of my favorite features was the custom stairway, which is coming together beautifully, and I must say that I love the bull-nosed tread at the bottom. It looks as if it is an elegant evening gown that flows with a long-flared trail.

KCL-IDESIGN, LLC_Kimberly C. Lyons_The Reserve At Lake Keowee (2).jpg
KCL-IDESIGN, LLC_Kimberly C. Lyons_The Reserve At Lake Keowee (4).jpg
KCL-IDESIGN, LLC_Kimberly C. Lyons_The Reserve At Lake Keowee (7).jpg
KCL-IDESIGN, LLC_Kimberly C. Lyons_The Reserve At Lake Keowee (5).jpg

Flowing Stairway, which will lead to all levels.

KCL-IDESIGN, LLC_Kimberly C. Lyons_The Reserve At Lake Keowee (3).jpg

Stairway Second Level.

Stairway Lower Level.

Even though I was supposed to be on vacation, I must stay on track with this design project because as I have already stated, it is indeed a significant part of my career. With everything falling in place as planned, hopefully, 2019 will be the year to wrap this design project up with both the exterior and interior. I can’t wait to see the official reveal. Until then, photos capture another detailed design phase.

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Kimberly C. Lyons

Principal Interior Designer and founding owner of KCL-IDESIGN, LLC (Interior Design Company), Kimberly has been slaying interiors since forever. She refuses to partake of what is known as ordinary when it comes to designing interior or exterior spaces. Kimberly already acknowledges that she is considered a rare breed when it comes to splashing her signature touch within a space. She loves designing fabulous interiors & exteriors. She is obsessed with super bold color, the phrase I dare you, and lives for going outside the box when creating a unique and powerful wow factor. Kimberly is definitely not afraid to break some major design rules!