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What does your interior walls or color palette say about you and each room within your home?

Does your furniture, and decorative objects reflect you and your desired current style?

Does your home feature amazing ARTWORK or extraordinary LIGHTING that creates a unique focal point, along with an immediate wow factor?

If your answer is “No” or there is a lack of knowing the correct answers, then . . .


The design of your home is about more than just appearance. It is about how the overall space makes you feel. Calm and peaceful. Happy and energized. Beautiful and completely inspired. I collaborate with clients to help them achieve the unique experience they want from their homes.

Whether one room or an entire home, I live daily with an unsurpassed passion for helping people not only envision, but ultimately create their ideal spaces.

So, are you ready to transform your home? Are you prepared for your surroundings to not only reflect an authentic style, functionality, along with the required elements and principals of design but above it all, mirror an honest reflection of who you are?

Contact me today and start the process of transforming YOUR world!



Designer did an amazing job with the use of color, and created the unique living space that we were seeking. She also was helpful along the way and minimized the stress of choosing major things such as tile, flooring, etc.

Every piece of artwork, every fixture, every accessory was chosen with care and assured that the “flow” and overall feel of the space carried through.

It was amazing how the designer captured, after our initial meeting, precisely the interior we were looking for.
— Meg Baker
Kim was extremely professional. She listened to our thoughts, and was able to bring our thoughts to life. She is gifted and Kim’s extraordinary gift is shown through every encounter. We are quite pleased.
— Sarina S. Brown