Kimberly C. Lyons is the founder and principal designer of KCL-IDESIGN, LLC (Interior Design Studio). She has been slaying interiors since forever and refuses to be known as the norm when transforming spaces. With an intense passion for incorporating a wow factor to anything ordinary, Kimberly acknowledges that she is a rare breed, and enjoys splashing her signature touch throughout when designing.

However, she is incredibly obsessed with extremely bold colors, captivating art, unique decorative objects, modern architecture, and lives for going outside the box and breaking outdated design rules. The motivating words – I dare you – keeps her motivated and overcharged. Her passion for interior design comes from a deeply rooted philosophy, which is – designing from within; from the soul, and it is always about living, breathing, and loving interior design!

Besides being a crazed football chick who is also addicted to chocolate, Kimberly is a global traveler who adores modernism and is always inspired by the not so beautiful objects.

She lives accordingly by her motto: I live – breathe – love interior design.


Kimberly C. Lyons is a South Carolina based principal designer who has a natural-born knack for creating spaces with a unique wow factor. Her passion for all aspects of interior design is pure. Combine unconditional love, extraordinary creativity, a superb eye for design and attention to details, along with a soul that is deeply rooted in the ever-changing and growing world of interior design, and you have a designer who is beyond gifted.

KCL-IDESIGN, LLC was established in 2011 by Kimberly, who continues to build her brand still today. She runs a full-service interior design studio that caters to specific areas of interior design. As the founding owner, as well as the principal designer, her signature brand not only represents who she is as an individual but also an outlet to express her genuine love and passion for the world of interior design. Kimberly's brand is a total package, which includes the following: the individual, the entrepreneur, and the heart and soul of who she is, her interior design studio KCL-IDESIGN, LLC.

With having a surpassable understanding of continued growth and knowledge of design keeps her inspired to create over-the-top spaces. She truly believes that a house is just that, a house, but a home should reflect the occupant's authentic style, personal preferences, and not what magazines, society, or the world justifies what design should be. Kimberly undoubtedly understands that when it comes to creating a new space or transforming an old space into something entirely different, her overly inspiring creativity, strong will, enduring perseverance and determination, there is nothing beyond her reach.

An interior designer who designs from within; from the soul-

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Kimberly C. Lyons

Founder/Principal Designer