I always get overly excited when I am working on a design project that I consider complexed. As with this design project, which is indeed incredibly detailed, but it is designed specifically for the homeowner by a hired architect. The incredible part about this type of project is that everything from the exterior to the interior caters to the owner’s specifications. On the other hand, with a predesigned plan, the client would not be involved, or she would be constrained.  Also, the desired land was bought first by the client before the architectural project was in place. OMG, some of the features in this house are beyond amazing. Can I get an elevator at my home, please? With that said, my primary purpose on-site was to discuss the official color palette and do a walk-through with the client.

I did a quick look throughout the surroundings because this was my assurance that everything is up to par. As a designer, this has always been a top priority when other professionals are on-site because with multiple projects being worked on, keeping track of each one is essential. However, during the walk-through, I couldn’t help but admire the many features that I implemented throughout the different phases, and to see each displayed is on a whole other level. I mean, I was beyond googly-eyed. Seriously, I was genuinely googly-eyed! The client and I were able to find a quiet place to look over some color swatches. Also, we discussed other factors that will soon go into effect before the completion of the project. Both of us are beyond pleased with what we see and are looking forward to the final masterpiece.

KCL-IDESIGN, LLC_Kimberly C Lyons_Custom Home_Lake Keowee 2019_03.png

Moreover, every project that I tackle, as the principal designer, I truly enjoy. Each one gives way to individualized experiences that are genuinely beyond amazing! Furthermore, what makes this project so unique and special is the fact that I have been with the client from day one. There have been individuals who started with me on day one that is no longer around because of not giving the client what she envisions for her home. The main reason why I am still here is that it is always about the client and never the designer. As the principal designer, I have had significant input in how the exterior and interior look for this house.

Okay, and yes, I pat myself on the back because I listened carefully to my client. Her vision is about to become not only a reality but a beautiful reality as well. Until then, stay tuned!

The double-sided fireplace is seen on the 2nd and 3rd floors, but not on the 1st floor. It has cut-outs that will hold floating glass shelves with light beneath. The photo below is the fireplace on the opposite side.

KCL-IDESIGN, LLC_Kimberly C Lyons_Custom Home_Lake Keowee 2019 (16).jpg

The decorative column will hold floating shelves as well with light beneath. Artifacts will be on display.

All interior doors will be painted to expose the circular detail, which will create an astonishing contrast.

The bathroom Suite has marble walls and flooring, along with other complementary tiles to create a subtle wow effect.

The other five bathrooms will have marble and complementary tile, as well.

IMAGES: Images taken by Kimberly C. Lyons and are the sole property of KCL-IDESIGN, LLC.


Kimberly C. Lyons

Kimberly C. Lyons is the founder and principal interior designer of KCL-IDESIGN, LLC (Interior Design Studio). She has been slaying interiors since forever and refuses to be known as the norm when transforming spaces. With an intense passion for incorporating a wow factor to anything ordinary, Kimberly acknowledges that she is a rare breed, and enjoys splashing her signature touch throughout when designing.

However, she is incredibly obsessed with extremely bold colors, captivating art, unique decorative objects, modern architecture, and lives for going outside the box and breaking outdated design rules. The motivating words – I dare you – keeps her motivated and overcharged. Her passion for interior design comes from a deeply rooted philosophy, which is – designing from within; from the soul, and it is always about living, breathing, and loving interior design!

Besides being a crazed football chick who is also addicted to chocolate, Kimberly is a global traveler who adores modernism and is always inspired by the not so beautiful objects.

She lives accordingly by her motto: I live – breathe – love interior design.