Is it me or are bathtubs sexier than ever? Every time I see a unique one that hits the market, I want to switch out. Even as a youngster until now, I prefer a good soak before my bath, which consists of super-hot water loaded with a combination of gigantic bubbles with Philosophy Caramel Candies and Butterscotch Candy, Ahava Mineral Sea Salt, and my favorite Victoria’s Secret body wash, Red Plum & Freesia. My relaxation tool is my Gold Beats Solo³ Wireless by Dre, and when I turn them on, the first song playing is probably going to be Trey Songz – Chi Chi (feat. Chris Brown). So, I inhale–exhale and block the world entirely out.

Inhale_&_Exhale_Kimberly's Daily Ritual_KCL-IDESIGN, LLC.png

With that said, I know for me, after a long day, which can include an agenda that never ends, my bathroom becomes my place of serenity. It is my get-a-way retreat that helps me to regroup. So, combining a stylish look and the possibilities of having a personal in-home spa with the ultimate bathtub is well within reach. Moreover, when dealing with clients, I make sure that they understand their options, along with specific therapeutic necessities that will benefit more on a personal level. Also, when it comes to getting in and out of these beautiful beauties – functionality is vital.

Designer Tip: If you prefer a warm and soothing bath with Micro-bubbles, which detoxifies the overall body, or a powerful deep-penetrating massage of combined air and water, there are unlimited options on the market.

Whether deciding from fiberglass, porcelain on steel, acrylic, cast iron, solid-surface materials, cultured marble, ceramic, stone, or wood – the choice to find the ultimate bathtub should be easy breezy!

Kimberly C. Lyons

Kimberly C. Lyons is the founder and principal interior designer of KCL-IDESIGN, LLC (Interior Design Studio). She has been slaying interiors since forever and refuses to be known as the norm when transforming spaces. With an intense passion for incorporating a wow factor to anything ordinary, Kimberly acknowledges that she is a rare breed, and enjoys splashing her signature touch throughout when designing.

However, she is incredibly obsessed with extremely bold colors, captivating art, unique decorative objects, modern architecture, and lives for going outside the box and breaking outdated design rules. The motivating words – I dare you – keeps her motivated and overcharged. Her passion for interior design comes from a deeply rooted philosophy, which is – designing from within; from the soul, and it is always about living, breathing, and loving interior design!

Besides being a crazed football chick who is also addicted to chocolate, Kimberly is a global traveler who adores modernism and is always inspired by the not so beautiful objects.

She lives accordingly by her motto: I live – breathe – love interior design.