DESIGN PHILOSOPHY: My home's style says a lot about who I am, and therefore, the design is always an honest, authentic, and accurate reflection of who occupies the space.

When it comes to using subtle, intricate details to make a dominant statement, OMG – I am all game! I mean, I am a chick who appreciates and admires an aesthetically pleasing interior, and not to mention standing afar to catch a view of my well-designed rooms. With that said, it does not matter if it is my kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, hallway, office, or whatever area of my home that I am walking towards, a beautiful view is always transcending. However, I must tell you one of my many secrets. Sometimes on the weekend, if I decide to stay cuddled in bed a tad bit longer than usual, I get to enjoy the fantastic view of my stairway, which is directly in front of my bedroom. Yikes – I find myself realizing the smile on my face is crazy big!

Moreover, when I stress that a home should have objects that bring happiness, this is a perfect example of why I wake up and smile because the view of my unique Buddha heads leading down my stairway makes me extremely happy!

When we decided to have our house built, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that there was going to be a stairway because I am obsessed with stairs. I have always been fascinated with structures that feature architectural details. Furthermore, I knew that when I decided to design the space – it had to reflect who I am and objects that define my style. Also, when it came to the interior wall, which is tall as far as height, I knew that I was going to do something over-the-top and time-consuming. So, I decided to incorporate three different paint colors. I made sure that some of the paint continually dripped and dried in place. I call it my very own drip technique. I enjoyed seeing the decorative coating intertwine and create something unique. I must say that it turned out amazingly beautiful!

When designing this small area in my home, it did not require a lot. I needed to make sure there was enough character, and it had to become a significant part of my overall house. When I take my stroll either up, down or standing at the top or bottom to see the different elements that make this area calm and serene, I see a reflection of a designer's style.

Photo 1: Wall features a decorative coating, which consists of 3 colors. The handrail has the same texture as the wall. The over-sized Buddha heads are in place to create drama with extra detail beneath from simple circular decorative object.

Photo 3: The railing has a beautiful texture done with plaster and bright white paint.

IMAGES: Images taken by Apollos Bow Photography and are the sole property of KCL-IDESIGN, LLC.


Kimberly C. Lyons

Kimberly C. Lyons is the founder and principal interior designer of KCL-IDESIGN, LLC (Interior Design Studio). She has been slaying interiors since forever and refuses to be known as the norm when transforming spaces. With an intense passion for incorporating a wow factor to anything ordinary, Kimberly acknowledges that she is a rare breed, and enjoys splashing her signature touch throughout when designing.

However, she is incredibly obsessed with extremely bold colors, captivating art, unique decorative objects, modern architecture, and lives for going outside the box and breaking outdated design rules. The motivating words – I dare you – keeps her motivated and overcharged. Her passion for interior design comes from a deeply rooted philosophy, which is – designing from within; from the soul, and it is always about living, breathing, and loving interior design!

Besides being a crazed football chick who is also addicted to chocolate, Kimberly is a global traveler who adores modernism and is always inspired by the not so beautiful objects.

She lives accordingly by her motto: I live – breathe – love interior design.