Okay, so I am a traveling chick at heart. At the moment, I am having one of those days where I am reminiscing about a past trip. Being a global traveler, I decided to take one of my typical Girls Trip to New Orleans, which was in 2015. However, it was my first time exploring this fantastic city, and I must admit that I had a super great time! Moreover, whether I am traveling with my girls, business purposes, or whatever the case may be, I am going to take a ton of pictures. As a designer, I understand and acknowledge that inspiration is available to me wherever I go. I not only pay attention to the beauty that usually surrounds me, but I pay attention to the not so beautiful objects because sometimes beauty can be found there as well. Also, I make sure that I capture what I cannot physically touch, such as the fantastic sky!

New Orleans, which is a Louisiana city, is known for its energetic nightlife, live-music scene, out of this world cuisine, which is from a history dealing with a variety of cultures such as French, African, and American. Oh, and I can't leave out The Mardi Gras, street parties, along with costumed parades, and OMG, the list can go on for miles. I enjoyed the bold and colorful architecture, eye-catching courtyards, and lighting galleries, along with the unlimited intricate details that come with every inch of this extraordinary and captivating place. With that said, I am so happy because I was able to capture some fantastic pictures, and even when I look back at them now, I relive my trip all over again.

New Orleans architecture can range from Creole Cottages (1790-1850), American (1820-1850) and Creole Townhouses (1788-mid-1800s), Raised Center-Hall Cottages (1803-1870), Shotgun Houses (1850-1910), Double-Gallery Houses (1820-1850), and more. I was so flabbergasted with the American and Creole Townhouses.

Amazing lighting gallery.

Courtyards are everywhere in New Orleans.

Yes, I was relaxing and admiring the view on-board the Natchez.

I had a blast on Bourbon Street, but what happens in New Orleans, stays in New Orleans.

I will never be able to say enough about 'The Crescent City' or 'The Big Easy' known as New Orleans. By the way, I will be there again in July for the 25th Essence Festival 2019, which is around the corner. I am incredibly excited knowing that I will be back in this unforgettable city yet again!

IMAGES: Photos taken by Kimberly C. Lyons and are the sole property of KCL-IDESIGN, LLC.


Kimberly C. Lyons

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