A rug is an enhancer within a space. In other words, they can make a huge statement and complement the furnishings placed upon them as well as the decorative objects that occupy the space. However, trying to find the perfect rug for a specific room can sometimes become a hassle, especially if indecisiveness has already set in. To help make finding the ideal rug style for your rooms simple, check out "7 TIPS FOR STYLING YOUR ROOM WITH A RUG" written by Steph Clarke who is part of the content & community outreach team at Steph is obsessed with interior design trends and how new technology influences design.

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·         Thinking about what you like in the design of the rug

Keep in mind what size your room is, and what furniture and colour you have, choose something you like that will fit in with the rest of the furnishings. Shop around with different colour and designs as prices are different, decide how much you want to spend on a rug, and if it will be right for your room.

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·         Size and Texture of the rug

This part depends on the size of your room, decide what would be the best size with what you already have in your room and measure very carefully. It is essential as you do not want a rug that looks too big or too small. So, keep this in mind when buying, choose patterns and colour that go with other items in the room.

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·         Carpet or vinyl on the floor

One point to consider is what do you have covering your room? If carpet or vinyl covering, choose a rug with colour that will fit in well. However, if a wooden floor then maybe a warm brown tone would be a good fit for your bedroom, but it needs to fit in with the other furnishings.

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·         Your style

What is essential to remember is that it is your choice and taste and should fit in with how you want the room to look. It is best to shop around before you buy so you can compare different designs. Many outlets and online stores have an excellent selection of vibrant colour and designs that you can match within your room.

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·         How will the rug be used in your room

Another good point to think about is the wear and tear; if you have children around, you can buy one with a soft texture that is still sturdy enough and safe for children to walk on if vinyl or wooden surface is on the floor. Easy to wash rugs are a good option if you have pets, so check cleaning instructions on the label before buying. Whether in-store or online always review the information that is on the site for the product.

·         Aftercare of your rug

Consider a rug that is easy to keep at its best; short pile rugs stay newer looking than a long pile, which can get untidy looking, a dark colour is suitable for the room can be wiped over because they do not show as much dirt. Machine washable is the best option if you have a very light rug. It is best to get a rug that is easy to keep.

·         Rug in overall placement of the room

Finally, think about what the design and texture and the thickness of the pile, do you think about the colour and practicality of your choice when purchasing a rug? Also, remember do you want to make the room look cozy, add brightness or bring out the contrast of the room with what you have put in the bedroom? If you choose carefully and wisely, you will have a rug that will look good for many years.

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