When it comes to designing, I will never be a fan of anything ordinary. In fact, I have always seen ordinary as somewhat dull. However, speaking of something that is not the norm or ordinary is exposed ductwork. I can remember when ductwork was a no-no as far as being seen. When I first acknowledged this for myself, I was impressed and blown away by the look. Whether residential or commercial, structures featuring exposed ductwork has always been considered amazingly beautiful to me. In this post, I am addressing residential only. Exposed ductwork adds personality and character as well as creates a unique wow factor. It should not be unexposed behind walls and in crawl spaces. There are way too many smart and creative design solutions that can be done to exposed ductwork layouts to make them become a part of the overall interior. 

With exposed ductwork or open piping now a significant part of interiors, it does not only have to perform great, but it can also look aesthetically amazing! So, I never see at exposed ductwork (pipes) as an eyesore because it can play a significant role, and therefore can now be seen throughout as part of the home. So, remember, whether using copper or steel pipes to make a compelling statement or painted pipes as a vibrant color to stand out in an interior, there are unlimited ways to make exposed pipes super chic in any space.

Oh, and by the way, what I love so much about exposed ductwork is that it does not matter if one is going for industrial, modern, or another style, adding what I always call architectural detailing (ductwork) can make a world of difference in any space.