Currently, I am going hysterically crazy over bathrooms designed around circular mirrors. Don't get it twisted; I will never take anything away from other types of mirrors, it is that for my design preference now, mirrors such as rectangular are considered the norm in bathroom design. It seems when displaying a circular mirror, there is a different vibe transcending throughout the space. It is as if they give way to some major drama with a new and profound aspect. In my bathroom suite, I removed the over-sized triangular mirror that took up much of the wall space, and I am in the process of replacing it with a variety of mirrors. Yes, a range of circular mirrors that is going to be beyond gorgeous!

However, I am marinating for a couple of days on what direction I will go as far as the overall layout on the wall. Oh, and I am also waiting for my creative juices to give me the unique aesthetically pleasing vibe that I want to feature throughout my bathroom suite. In the meantime, I came across some bathrooms that are showcasing circular mirrors and packing a powerful punch!

So, how gorgeous are these bathrooms? They are all beyond gorgeous! From circular theme details, the perfect backdrop featuring blue, furniture-like cabinets, unique flooring dressed in materials such as travertine and concrete, and the use of vibrant hues screaming electric red and psychedelic orange. Each of these spaces is designed well with a unique wow factor!


Kimberly C. Lyons

Principal Interior Designer and founding owner of KCL-IDESIGN, LLC (Interior Design Company), Kimberly has been slaying interiors since forever. She refuses to partake of what is known as ordinary when it comes to designing interior or exterior spaces. Kimberly already acknowledges that she is considered a rare breed when it comes to splashing her signature touch within a space. She loves designing fabulous interiors & exteriors. She is obsessed with super bold color, the phrase I dare you, and lives for going outside the box when creating a unique and powerful wow factor. Kimberly is definitely not afraid to break some major design rules!