The individuals who truly know me will verify that I am a nerd at heart. So, when it comes to books, if I am not reading one, they can be seen displayed beautifully around my home. Books will always have a special place in my life. I understand the power of books and that some can hold the key to profound knowledge. So, therefore, I make sure that they are around me because I adore their presence. In this modern time, digital has taken over. Moreover, I firmly believe that regardless of me owning anything digital that stores books, it will never take the place of me holding a book, turning the pages, reading so profoundly that I become an actual character, or just learning to gain more knowledge.

So, books are forever, and that is why I make sure to incorporate then throughout interiors. Also, even if it is not many books, I strongly encourage for at least a few to be displayed. The possibilities of the colors, decorated spines, covers that are endless as far as style and creativeness of design, texture, fabric, and the list goes on, it is impossible to cover all the different details and looks that books possess. The form of books is ever-changing. Moreover, when incorporated throughout interiors, they add character, color, texture, can become a piece of art (especially when displayed vertically), as well as become a focal point. Do I need to explain more about why books need to be throughout interiors?

Checking out some interiors below that are beautifully designed with books, keep in mind, above all, good design is about displaying books uniquely. Remeber, books themselves are considered art.

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Kimberly C. Lyons

Principal Interior Designer and founding owner of KCL-IDESIGN, LLC (Interior Design Company), Kimberly has been slaying interiors since forever. She refuses to partake of what is known as ordinary when it comes to designing interior or exterior spaces. Kimberly already acknowledges that she is considered a rare breed when it comes to splashing her signature touch within a space. She loves designing fabulous interiors & exteriors. She is obsessed with super bold color, the phrase I dare you, and lives for going outside the box when creating a unique and powerful wow factor. Kimberly is definitely not afraid to break some major design rules!